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Romantic Wedding Packages in Natchez, MS

Whether you are looking for a private wedding, a small wedding with just family, or a large wedding with up to 100 guests, you’ll find the perfect romantic wedding packages in Natchez, MS, at Marcia's Cottages. Our Evergreen Cottage provides the ideal romantic cottage getaway. With stunning views of the mighty Mississippi River as the backdrop, you will find this is the perfect location to exchange your vows.

Romantic Elopement Packages

Our elopement packages give you the options you need to make the most of your one-of-a-kind occasion. At the end of rehearsals, budgeting, paperwork, and arrangements, you deserve a wedding day every guest remembers.

That’s what Marcia’s Cottages strives to provide with a rich, historical atmosphere and easy wedding package deals that let you focus on what matters most: a lifelong commitment between you and your spouse.

When it comes to a romantic cottage getaway, nobody knows how to create the perfect celebration like us. For years, couples have come to our premier wedding destination to exchange vows and change their lives forever. We’re where two people become one family, and where new families become part of a timeless tradition rooted firmly in the power of love.

Everything You Need in One Place

Weddings aren’t easy. Like relationships, they take planning, coordination, and persistence to be successful.

Even so, we want to make it a little easier to make your dreams come true. Our team designed our elopement packages to offer comprehensive coverage for everything you might need on your big day. If you want less stress, more time for other arrangements, and an experience that’s as breathtaking as your romance, let us lend a hand. Reach out today for more information about any package or romantic cottage getaway. We proudly serve Natchez, MS, and surrounding areas.

All Wedding Packages Include:

  • Beautiful Ceremony Location Overlooking the Mississippi River
  • Judge or Pastor to Officiate the Wedding
  • One Night Stay at Evergreen Cottage
  • Bottle of Champagne or Wine
  • Flower Bouquet
  • A Witness

Basic package - $750

Silver package - $1,000

  • Two nights at Evergreen Cottage
  • One Dinner for Two at a Local Restaurant

Gold package - $2,250

  • Two nights at Evergreen Cottage
  • Two Nights at One Other Cottage (Accommodates Up to 12 Guests)

Platinum package - $7,500

  • Two Nights at All 5 Cottages (Accommodates Up to 30 People)
  • Tent and Catered Dinner for Up to 30 People